Welcome to my website.

Not long after finishing my studies at the Amsterdam Conservatorium I discovered the Suzuki method of teaching music and became an instant fan. The sensitivity in the playing of young children and their often complete mastery blew me away. I was impressed by the joy they derived from this mastery, the way it affected their confidence and the obvious fun they were having.

I sensed the implications for the ‘whole child’, the parent-child relationship, and ultimately society. It didn’t take me long to realize that I had found my calling: here was something that brought together my love of music and of children, as well as my interest in education in the widest sense of the word.

I have been teaching Suzuki flute to children from five years old for a very long time now.

I also use more ‘traditional’ ways, when teaching teenagers, advanced students and adults.
You may be ambitious, wanting to take part in competitions and auditions. Or you might like to play ‘just for fun’. It’s up to you.

Listen to performances of a wide range of students and let the music speak for itself.